Belarusian language and literature courses to prepare students for olympiads and competitions

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Field courses are organized by the Department of Journalism. Courses are held on the basis of district educational institutions for students in grades 8-11 to prepare for the second and third stages of the Republican Olympiad, competitions in the Belarusian language and literature.

Tasks of the classes:

  • deepen and systematize students' knowledge in all areas of linguistics (phonetics, orthoepy, spelling, lexicology, phraseology, word formation, morphology, syntax, style);
  • to develop language competence of students;
  • improve skills and abilities to perform non-standard tasks;
  • develop analytical skills;
  • activate linguistic curiosity, creative determination, independence in carrying out tasks;
  • to systematize and generalize students' knowledge of the culture of speech, history and theory of literature, improve general educational skills and skills in working with literary material.

The program consists of 3 modules. Training Duration:

  • Module 1 - 6 academic hours;
  • Module 2 - 12 academic hours;
  • Module 3 - 18 academic hours.

Location: st. Ozheshko, 22, room. 333.

Tuition fees (per group):

  • Module 1 - 160 rubles;
  • Module 2 - 260 rubles;
  • Module 3 - 385 rubles.

Courses are held by: candidates of philological sciences, doctors of philological sciences.

At the end of the course, a document on the formation of an established standard is issued.


Contact information:

Faculty of History, Communication and Tourism

Department of Journalism

Grodno, st. Ozheshko, 22, room. 333

Brewer Irina Voitekhovna

+375 (29) 887 09 11

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