Ambulatory (Holter) electrocardiogram monitoring

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Ambulatory (Holter) ECG monitoring is a method of long-term registration of the electrical activity of the heart under normal living and patient activity conditions. A regular ECG gives the doctor detailed information about the heart: its rate, pulse rhythm, work of cardiac conduction system, presence of ischemia (insufficient blood supply). But if the patient has twinge or arrhythmia only during exercise or 1-2 times a day, the usual ECG taken in regular conditions will be absolutely normal. 

Holter monitoring makes it possible to record an ECG for a long period of time (usually within a day). In addition, electrocardiogram is recorded not in the doctor's office, at rest, but in the conditions of patient’s regular activity. ECG is just a "frame", a snapshot of the heart, and Holter monitoring is a "film" about 24 hours of heart life.

Holter monitoring can detect "incoming" heart disorders (episodes of myocardial ischemia, heart rhythm and conduction disorders, including life-threatening ones).

Holter ECG monitoring technique allows to:

  • assess heart activity under patient’s normal activity (response to physical and emotional stress);
  • assess the state of the heart during sleep, heart rhythm and conduction during the day;
  • specify the cause of fainting and pre-fainting states, etc.;
  • identify and analyze all types of arrhythmias. Not only the fact of a violation of the heart rate, but also the number of episodes during the day, their duration and “danger” can be determined;
  • identify episodes of myocardial ischemia pain or its absence, their number, duration, threshold load and pulse, at which ischemia occurs;
  • make an accurate diagnosis, improve the effectiveness of cardiovascular disease treatment, and monitor the effect of prescribed medications.

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