Ambulatory pressure monitoring (ABPM)

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Ambulatory pressure monitoring (ABPM) is a cardiovascular examination prescribed to all patients who have experienced problems with blood pressure at least once. ABPM increases accuracy of blood pressure true level assessment, especially if the presence of initial arterial hypertension is suspected. ABPM this is a non-invasive procedure, absolutely painless and safe.

ABPM is an automatic measurement of blood pressure within a day or more (if necessary) at certain intervals, according to the specified program (every 15 minutes during the day and 30 minutes at night standartly). A blood pressure cuff connected to a portable monitor (200g), is placed on the patitent’s shoulder. Patitent carries this cuff with him in a special bag. The device is attached to a belt or shoulder strap. Measurements are taken on an outpatient basis,under patient's normal activity conditions. The only limitation is the need of relaxed position of the hand on which the blood pressure measurement is performed, in order to register blood pressure more accurately.

The device provides automatic measurement of pulse, systolic and diastolic blood pressure at set intervals. Before it is put on the patient, monitor is programmed on a computer. The measurement results are displayed on the monitor's liquid crystal display. After the examination is completed, the monitor isconnected to a PC to process and display the measurement results.

The method allows to: calculate average daily blood pressure and heart rates, average blood pressure values during day and night periods; idetermine degree of night decrease and morning increase in blood pressure, reaction on physical loads and psycho-emotional stress, degree and duration of hypertension load on the target organs, blood pressure and heart rate variability during the day; identify episodes of hypotension.

While abulatory monitoring, the patient is given a special diary, in which he is obliged to keep a thorough description of: the health state and complaints during the examination; his daily and physical activity; time of taking medications, time of sleep and waking. The result of the analysis of the obtained data largely depends on how seriously the patient approaches to keeping a diary.

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