Group vocational-guidance counselling service "Profvector +"

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Choosing a life path is a responsible and difficult matter. Finding oneself is a key ability of a harmonious personality.

The purpose of the group career counseling "Profvector +": assistance in making an informed decision in choosing the future professional path based on professional testing for students in grades 8-11.

"Profvector +" is:

  • questionnaires in order to study your favorite and least favorite subjects at school, academic success, motives for choosing a profile;
  • professional testing, which provides a selection of tests, which allows you to combine the analysis of the interests, abilities, capabilities and personal qualities of the student. Testing includes three blocks: the first block diagnoses the sphere of interests, the second represents tasks for assessing the levels of development of abilities, and the third block is focused on identifying personal qualities.

Professional diagnostics will allow you to correlate individual and personal characteristics with the requirements of a particular professional activity;

Recommendations based on the results of psychological and pedagogical diagnostics are provided to each student in writing.

Group career counseling "Profvector +" can be carried out in two forms:

  • school-based center specialists;
  • remotely: a package of techniques is sent to you; A school teacher-psychologist conducts group professional diagnostics based on the methodological materials of the center, then the results of group diagnostics are sent back to the psychologists of the regional center for testing and professional orientation of young people.

Processing of the results and preparation of recommendations is carried out by psychologists of the regional center for testing and vocational guidance of youth.

Turning to professionals for help in professional self-determination, you increase your chances of a good choice of profession.

Consultation in group form.

Terms of service: constantly.

Price: 20 BYN

The services are provided by:

  • Albitskaya Olga Alekseevna, teacher-psychologist of the first category;
  • Glushen Alena Stanislavovna, teacher-psychologist of the first category;
  • Kolbasko Nina Vsevolodovna, teacher-psychologist of the highest category;
  • Bilida Albina Valerievna, teacher-psychologist 2 categories.

Contact details:

Department of Testing and Youth Career Guidance

Grodno, per. Telegraph 15a

+ 375 (152) 67 01 01

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