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The purpose and objectives of the educational program are:

  • To develop students' ability to solve a particular problem in several ways and find among them the most simple and original (flexibility of thinking)
  • To develop students' ability to conduct competent reasoning (reasoning logic)
  • to develop the ability of students to isolate the necessary, essential features of an object or process through abstraction from other, non-essential (degree of abstraction)
  • to develop the ability of students to dynamically reflect various mathematical objects in the necessary combinations and relationships (spatial imagination)
  • to develop the ability of students to see the final solution to a problem in which the conclusion is based on a hunch, feeling, almost sudden (mathematical intuition)
  • to develop students' research skills, cognitive and creative activity
  • to form a steady interest of students in the subject "Mathematics" by solving non-standard and entertaining problems

A shortened course program is provided.

Terms of service provision: November to May

Frequency: 18 weeks, once a week for 2 academic hours 

The course is designed for 36 hours

The course is designed for 50 hours.

For 5-9 grade students .

Minimum number of people in a group: 12

Lessons take 25 weeks (2 hours per week)

Duration of service: from September to May

Location: Ozheshko St. 22

Cost of education: 192.00 rub.

                         176.00 rub. (for people who took courses of the training center "School of Exact Sciences" in the 2019/2020 academic year)

                         144.00 BYN (for а shortened course)

Contact details:

Faculty of Pre-University Education

Grodno, Oktyabrskaya St. 5

+375 (152) 72 36 80


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