Russian language and literature courses to prepare students for olympiads and competitions

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Field courses are organized by the Department of Journalism. Courses are held on the basis of district educational institutions for students in grades 8-11 to prepare for the II and III stages of the Republican Olympiad, competitions in the Russian language and literature.

The purpose of the courses is to actualize, systematize and deepen the knowledge gained by the student during school courses in the Russian language and literature and to ensure the most effective implementation of the tasks of the Republican Olympiads and competitions in subjects.

Tasks of the classes:

  • deepen and systematize knowledge of the language system in all its sections (phonetics, spelling, vocabulary, word composition and word formation, morphology, syntax and punctuation)
  • repeat and systematize the norms of the Russian literary language
  • to generalize the rules for the functioning of linguistic means of speech and to update the speech theory
  • deepen and systematize knowledge on the history and theory of literature, improve skills in working with literary material
  • to develop the analytical abilities of students, to improve skills and abilities to perform non-standard tasks in language and literature
  • to intensify the linguistic interest of students, to motivate for a creative approach and independence in the performance of olympiad and competition tasks

Duration of study (1 module per month):

  • Module 1 - 6 academic hours;
  • Module 2 - 12 academic hours;
  • Module 3 - 18 academic hours.

Cost of service / per group:

  • Module 1 - 160 rubles
  • Module 2 - 260 rubles
  • Module 3 - 380 rubles

Venue: on customer premises

At the end of the course service, a document on the formation of an established standard is issued.

Contact details:

Faculty of History, Communication and Tourism

+375 (152) 73 19 88

Minchuk Inna Ivanovna

+375 (33) 699 77 44

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