Rental of office #1

  • Технопарк
  • Department Address: г. Гродно, ул. Гаспадарчая 21/А
  • Negotiated price

We give in rent office #1

Area: 19,2 m2.

Approximate price: 7 rub. / m2 per month.

You can rent the premises as a resident Scientific and Technological Park of the Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno.

How to become a resident:

To register as a Technopark resident, you need to submit the following documents:

  • Application for resident status in the Science and Technology Park;
  • Information about the average number of employees;
  • Brief description of the enterprise;
  • Copies of incorporation documents: Charter of the enterprise, incorporation agreement (if any), certificate of state registration of a legal entity;


  • Only a legal entity or an individual entrepreneur may be a resident of the Technopark;
  • The resident of the technopark should carry out innovative activity, i.e. the activity providing creation and realization of innovations;
  • The average number of employees of an enterprise resident may not exceed 100 persons.

Your application for registration of the applicant as a resident is considered by the Technopark Council.

After a positive decision, a resident certificate of a scientific and technological park is issued and a real estate lease agreement and an innovation activity agreement are concluded. From the moment the lease agreement is signed, tax incentives for you start to apply.

Contact information:


230005, Grodno, Gaspadarchaya St. 21/A,

80 (152) 55-62-50

+375 (29) 666 57 08.

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