Big tennis (group class)

  • From 10.00 руб. / групповое занятие / 1 час / 1 чел.

Big tennis is a highly popular, dinamic, exitable and aristocratic sport. It develops reaction and movement coordination, and train all groups of muscles. Playing tennis also supports the development of such important personal qualities as motivation, organization, will to victory, and presistence.

Instruction and traning to improve health and strengthen body.

Contigent: pupils and students (with no medical indications restricting sports activities).

Sports equipment: tennis net.

Adress: athletic arena in winter (Octobet to April), 32 Zakharov St., Grodno.

Tennis instructor.

Changing room and showers are available.

Working hours: training schedule must be specified by phone.

Cost: 10 BYN / group class (8 people least) / 1 person / 1 hour.


Faculty of Physical Culture

Office 100A, 32 Zakharov St., Grodno

+375 (152) 68 50 11

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