• From 40.00 руб. / групповое занятие / 1 час
    * 20,00 руб. / групповое занятие / 0,5 часа

You only need a desire to start playing mini-football. It is believed to be a game more complexed than traditional football – player has to be very agile and accurate when dribble. Otherwise, the ball will always fly over the edge of the field and bounce off the walls. If you want to develop coordination, this sport is the best option. Unlike in traditional football, players do not get so tired while playing due to the small size of the field. On a small playground, players interact more actively with each other, no one stands on the sidelines waiting for a pass, all players simultaneously participate in both the attack and defense of their goals.


We are providing a mini-football field.

Contingent: mini-football fans, employees (with no medical indications restricting sports activities), professional athletes.

Sports equipment: none.

Adress: sport hall №2, 32 Zakharov St., Grodno.

Instructor: FPC teacher.

Changing room and showers are available.

Working hours: in the evening and on weekends (specify by phone).

You can book a playground for one-time visits on workdays until 15.00 of the current day, and on weekends – according to pre-booking on working days and prepayment.


exluding VAT – 33,33 BYN / group class / 1 hour;

including VAT – 40 BYN / group class / 1 hour;

excluding VAT – 16,67 BYN / group class / 0.5 hour;

including VAT – 20 BYN / group class / 0.5 hour.

for foreign citizens:

exluding VAT – 41,67 BYN / group class / 1 hour;

including VAT – 50 BYN / group class / 1 hour;

excluding VAT – 20,83 BYN / group class / 0.5 hour;

including VAT – 25 BYN / group class / 0.5 hour.


Faculty of Physical Culture

Office 100A, 32 Zakharov St., Grodno

+375 (152) 68 50 11

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