Table tennis

  • From 5.50 руб. / парное занятие / 1 час
    * 2,75 руб. / парное занятие / 0,5 часа

Table tennis is an active way to spend pasttime, both for those who prefer serious pursuits, and for those who hold a racket for the first time in a lifetime. The main advantage of table tennis is its usability, since the basic equipment and small court size make it possible to play table tennis almost everywhere.


We are providing a table tennis court.

Contingent: organized groups, all age groups(with no medical indications restrictiong sports activities).

Adress: sport hall №2 (2 B), 32 Zakharov St., Grodno.

Instructor: FPC teacher.

Changing room and showers are available.

Working hours: weekend (specify by phone).

You can book a playground for one-time visits on workdays until 15.00 of the current day, and on weekends – according to pre-booking on working days and prepayment.


exluding VAT – 4.58 BYN / pair session / 1 hour;

including VAT – 5.50 BYN / pair session / 1 hour;

excluding VAT – 2.29 BYN / pair session / 0.5 hour;

including VAT – 2.75 BYN / pair session / 0.5 hour.


Faculty of Physical Culture

Office 100A, 32 Zakharov St., Grodno

+375 (152) 68 50 11

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