Educational seminar "Using Museum Pedagogy in Secondary Education Institutions"

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In recent years, due to the general democratization of cultural life, there has been an increasing need to rethink the role of the museum in society, as well as approaches to the use of its capabilities in the educational process. The role of this institution in the preservation of the historical and cultural heritage of mankind is difficult to overestimate: the collected collections present invaluable monuments of history, culture, art. Museums are the custodians of social memory, as they give every visitor the opportunity to explore the past, think about the present and look into the future. The enormous cultural potential of the museum collections holds great opportunities for education and upbringing. Today, the museum is increasingly becoming not only a cultural but also an educational space. In this regard, the theoretical foundations and modern conceptual directions of the development of museum pedagogy as a branch of interdisciplinary knowledge at the intersection of museology, pedagogy and psychology. Museum-pedagogical activity has become firmly established in the practice of school teachers, which is connected to the inclusion of museum resources in the educational process of general educational institutions. New milestones of museum pedagogy, which are associated with the use of interactive technologies, give the opportunity to talk about the multifaceted impact of this institution on the person: the development of the sphere of interests, creative abilities, universal learning. The museum has a number of advantages in the educational process, which are associated with the possibility of visual perception of the object, creating an informal and emotional atmosphere in the assimilation of information, conducting a dialogue with the cultural monument. It is very important that teachers can use these advantages in the educational process with students, to do it purposefully, systematically, using algorithmically verified methods and techniques of work, which form the basis of the technology of the pedagogical process.

The goal of the course is the theoretical and practical training of teachers to implement the technology of museum pedagogy in the first stage of general secondary education.


  • Studying the essence and criteria of the technology of the educational process
  • Formation of skills and abilities to use methods and forms of museum-pedagogical activities in the educational process with younger pupils

Term of service: from 15.03.2023

Number of hours: 4 hours of classroom work and 2 hours of methodical work

Minimum number of people in the group: 8

Contingent (age): adults

Venue: on the customer's premises

Price: 15 BYN

The service is provided by:

Grinko Svetlana Dmitrievna , Senior Lecturer

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Educational Innovation Centre of the Faculty of Pedagogy

Grodno, Zakharova St.,32

+375 (152) 45 02 82 – Tiufanova Tatiana Andreevna

Department of Natural Science and Linguistic Disciplines and and Teaching Methods

+375 (152) 45 02 81

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