Training courses for centralized testing of the Belarusian language

  • From 80.00 руб.

Welcome to the training courses for centralized testing of the Belarusian language.

Training Course: 40 hours and 112 hours per year.

Frequency: 1 time per week.

Time of classes: by appointment.

Tuition fees: 80,00 p. and 130.00 p. respectively.

Classes are conducted by highly qualified specialists links - candidate of philological sciences, associate professor. Applicants will receive in-depth knowledge for the successful completion of the CG.

Contact information:

Faculty of Philology

Department of Belarusian Philology

Str. Ozheshko 22, office 335

+ 375 (152) 74 03 72

+ 375 (29) 78 22 379

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